What Are Plump Lips?

Posted by Shannon Clegg on

What Are Plump Lips?

There’s a science behind plump lips. Yes, plump lips can be credited to painful injections using fillers but there’s other organic ways to get a full, juicy pout naturally. So what are plump lips, where does the fullness, colour, and plump come from? We use ingredients that naturally rush blood and nutrients to your lips to keep them nourished and youthful, taking years off your face in seconds, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Read on to discover what are plump lips…

What Does Plump Lips Mean?

Did you know that there's a magical ingredient that is naturally quick to plump and deeply moisturising – and we use it in our products?! An ingredient that penetrates the skin so rapidly, unravelling within, to lock in moisture, plumping lips from under the surface and at the same time reducing wrinkles and smoothing your skin? Well, that very special ingredient is in our serums and it's the secret to perfectly plump lips. Here's four more reasons to love Hyaluronic Acid...

  1. When lips are hydrated, they're immediately soft, plump and pouty so you’ll never need to ask what are plump lips, because you’ll know the meaning!
  2. Even lines and wrinkles disappear, which means Hyaluronic Acid is the perfect ingredient for those who want to rewind the clock.
  3. It works on every skin type. Fact!
  4. It's also an antioxidant, so naturally it protects your skin from environmental factors including pollution.
Hyaluronic Acid is also one of the most well researched beauty ingredients available, which is why we know and trust the results. Especially in the long term. You’ll never ask what are plump lips again?! The more you apply the Extreme Lip Plumping Serum and Instant Lip Plumping Serum, the more plumpness you'll see!