What Essential Oils Plump Lips

Posted by Shannon Clegg on

What Essential Oils Plump Lips?

Plump healthy lips are having a moment, in a big way. Wave that magic wand and voila! Pretty, plump lips (and fast). Today it’s the tweakment of choice. But you already knew that! Because who doesn’t want naturally, plump, pout-worthy lips?!

So what’s the secret to instant fullness and what oils plump lips? Here are five fabulous ingredients that will plump, stimulate, hydrate, moisturise and kick your collagen into gear and what’s more is they’re used in LipMD products

Plump Lips With Peppermint Oil

Is peppermint actually helpful? Yes! Can peppermint oil plump lips? Absolutely! If you didn’t know that you can plump lips with peppermint oil, well now you do and this minty ingredient works to stimulate circulation. The result? The perfect pout, which is available now in the LipMD Lip Plumping Serums.

What Ingredients Plump Lips Other Than Peppermint?

Chilli is a natural collagen booster, pain reliever, aids digestion, improves circulation, prevents bad breath and mitigates migraines. The chilli really is a miracle ingredient and a hero in the LipMD Extreme Lip Plumping Serum. It may have that warm tingle but the pain adds plenty of gain.

Packed full of goodness, get ready to plump it up with your super hydrating LipMD Extreme Lip Plumping Serum. For more tips and tricks on what essential oils plump lips and for further information on how to plumps lips with peppermint oil don't forget to follow @lipmd_ on Instagram and Facebook!